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Call Centre Spots - Complete Guidance and Training

Complete Guide - Raising a Fogbugz case updated on 2 June 2016

This is the main area for Call Centre Spots Guidance and Training. Select from the list of guidance from the lower left grey area of this page.

The guidance is to help you with the following:

  1. Checking an Item before opening a case (reducing duplications)
  2. How to create a case and populate the fields (improve workflow and resolution)
  3. New Issue area definitions, ready prioritised (to help prioritise the workflow for a quicker turnaround)
  4. Guidance on Queries/Issues that should not be raised
  5. How to use the snipping - screen capture tool 


If you require any further advice or guidance then please feel free to call or email:  - Tel: 0116 429 0426 or Ext. (7426) Projects - Tel: 0116 429 0402 or Ext. (7402) E-commerce Content issues
NOTE: Try our new 'NEWS - Tips and Info' area that may answer some of your queries!